Today marks 5 years since our good friend, Mike Wallace, was tragically killed while riding point on his Harley on Highway 2. Some of my favorite people in the world were with him when it happened. I think it’s always harder for them.

I really miss my friend sometimes.

Actually, I miss him often.

I remember how he smiled, his laugh, his goofy dance…the way he always took care of all of us…How he would meet those of us on our worship team with an umbrella on rainy days… Looking at him, you might think he was a tough biker guy – which he was – but he was also a compassionate, loving, funny, and Jesus-loving servant who did all he could to love others well.

Mike leaves a legacy for his family, his friends, and anyone whose life he touched. I also think he may have whispered in God’s ear to make sure that his friend Robin, and myself, would end up as close as we’ve become since then. In his wisdom, he knew we would need one ¬†another.

While I wish he was still here, I am just so very honored to have known him. I am glad he got to go out doing what he loved, and is now hanging with his bestie, Jesus…

Thanks, Mike, for leaving the world a little better than when you got here. Ride well…

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