perfect (and snippy)

A few nights ago I was particularly cranky. There wasn’t any one thing, just a combination of things outside my control weighing on me, coupled with some exhaustion and seasoned with a little insecurity. I was effectively breathing through it all, until one of my children had a moment of unfortunate timing, and the scale was tipped.

I was snippy. I was rude. I was insensitive and I needed to apologize.

The most remarkable thing happened that night, and an epiphany was had.

My 14-year-old not only fully accepted my apology, but she stated simply, “It’s ok, mom. We all get a little tired sometimes. I love you.”


I left that gap above on purpose, for her statement caused me to pause…

As much as we would all love to have it all together, to do it “right,” to not be hypocritical in teaching our children that which we ourselves have not yet mastered, we absolutely do NOT have to be perfect in order to perfect that we are called to train up in our children. Where we are strong, we can reach behind and help them up to that level. Areas where we are weak, we can be humble and admit our lack, while helping point them in the right direction and helping them up on to our shoulders in order to reach greater heighths than we could imagine…

Never discount your ability to effectively propel your child to levels you have not yet achieved. Don’t allow your own limitations to limit your children. Show them the right way and be okay with working towards your goals together.

And try not to be snippy.




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