The other day my teenage daughter made an interesting comment. We were walking with her 8-year-old sister from school to our car and she said, “I remember when I was in 3rd grade, and we wanted to walk home from school alone, but you wouldn’t let us. Looking at Kenda now, I would never let her walk by herself, not even if we lived in that blue house right there (pointing to the house sitting directly on the other side of the school parking lot). She’s just so little.” Initially I reveled in the “see, I was right” moment, until I realized how much I myself needed that revelation. You see, I spend a great deal of time rehearsing how I “know” things need to be. This relationship needs to heal…that person needs Jesus…my marriage/life/friendships, would be better if… Yeah, I got it all locked up, right?? The truth is that sometimes God isn’t ready to give us those things. Maybe we are battling free will and that person doesn’t want restoration. Perhaps we ourselves are not emotionally ready to handle that blessing. In the end, God knows what we can/cannot handle, and what we really and truly need in order for that fulness we seek to be fulfilled. The next time you get a little frustrated with God’s timing, or “lack of blessing,” look to your kids for wisdom. (Or recall your own childhood disappointments). Remember that just as we remind our littles that we’ve got a good 20-something years on them, God’s got a few on us as well. One day it will all make sense. Until then, just hold His hand and trust. 😉


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