prayers and lindsay lohan??

I was clicking around on the internet this morning, and came upon an article and short video highlighting a new docuseries on Lindsay Lohan. As most of us would anticipate, her irresponsible, and sometimes explosive behavior, reared its head once again.

My first inclination was to just skim the article, but I chose to click on the short 2-minute clip and am so glad I did. When it finished, I began to feel the lump rise in my throat.

I think about the days I am short with my kids. Snarky with my husband. When I choose to look, think and act wretched just because. Or just because it’s raining… The days when I give in to gossip. Unforgiveness. Laziness. Yelling. Crying. Yelling a bit more.

Thank God there is no camera in MY face.

Does media follow drama, or drama follow media? While it’s easy to say “they chose that career,” I chose to get married. I chose to have kids. I choose to make poor decisions and give in to my ego and insecurities. Hmmm…

I know I have said this a zillion times before, but what if we were all in this together? What if we all prayed for one another. Served one another. Gave grace. Extended a hand. What if we smiled at that person who just cut us off because they were so distracted by their own fears, insecurities, stress or exhaustion that they honestly didn’t even see you. Or perhaps looked up from our phones long enough to spend a little time listening to someone who needed an ear. Or a prayer.

Today, I am praying for Lindsay. And for countless others who find themselves at the end. Who are broken or think they are broken. Who are in desperation, or just desperately need to know they matter. Today, I am praying for me. I need a little grace myself.


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