side note.

I was sharing with a friend this morning how I have been feeling with all that has been going on in the lives of my friends and family. Any time we are given the opportunity to face our own, or another’s, mortality, we are challenged to move. Emotions run high and we begin to consider our own beliefs about life, and death. Eternity. Faith. Relationships, meaning, purpose…

Some hide behind work or hobbies. Others seek solace in substances. Still others run in full-force, propelled by faith. Or selfishness.

You see, when we fully acknowledge how fragile life can be, we often begin to relate to other people and situations differently. In my own life, I have vacillated between between motivated to operate from a position of selfishness – pursuing my own ideas, goals and personal interests. And, being propelled by a desire to extend more grace, take more time, choose more patience and pursue God and His ways more than I have before.

In this life, we will be given many opportunities to respond to life, in all its facets. I am grateful for these. There is so much beauty; so many chances at love and hope. Today I thank God for my breath, my relationships, His grace upon my and in every step I take. My hope is found in knowing that He promises He will never leave or forsake me, and that He will bring something precious and good out of every situation; even in those situations that I can’t understand and fight to accept.


On a side note. God is big enough for your pain. Your anger. The tears. He knows your heart and understands your grief. Trust Him to walk you through that, love you in it, and grace you to the other side of it.




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