to define what is and what is not

Boundaries are almost a catch phrase these days. Everyone talks about them and most have an opinion about them – even the definition can be muddy and open to controversy. I read once that someone thought that if one had boundaries without letting the other person know about them, that they were just being cold.

To establish a boundary is to define what is and what is not, appropriate and beneficial to your life and personal, emotional well-being. (That’s my definition, anyway, since there are so many out there!). To set a boundary means to know who you are and what you are capable of. It’s to know where you should not go and what might be damaging to you or your relationships, even if someone else can happily go there.

When we have children, we establish healthy boundaries – don’t climb up this or don’t cross that line into the street. No, you can’t have 5 donuts after dinner…Boundaries help keep kids safe, and helps them to FEEL safe.

Even God had boundaries. In the book of Numbers, God began to reveal to the children of Israel where the borders would be in the land He was giving to them. He was going to go before them and take for them their promised land, but there were still lines for them to recognize.

When we establish clear borders in our lives, we allow ourselves the freedom to move at will within those boundaries. There are no longer shades of ambiguity. We also allow others to respect and love us well because they, too, are clear as to where they may and may not go in our lives.

Those who will not operate within those boundaries also encounter the  freedom to find a place where the boundaries are different.

True freedom comes when we release our lives wholly into what we have been given – our parameters clear and firm. Be free today.


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