hardly ever complicated

This past weekend I had the opportunity to get away for a little bit. My life does not always lend itself to moments of silence and reflection (who’s does these days??),  and to be honest, I was getting close to my breaking point. Life has presented several challenges, consecutively, over the past several years, and there has been little time for evaluation or processing. It was time to just be alone for a while.

What was revealed to me was simple – God is hardly ever complicated – but I was finally quiet long enough to hear it. To receive it. A dear friend gave me some worksheets and I asked myself, and my Creator, some tough questions. At the end of it all, He gently corrected my course, revealed truths not yet realized, and gave me an opportunity to extend greater grace to those who have offended me or who have caused myself (or loved ones), pain. He is, after all, a true gentleman, and He will always bring His gift of grace and peace with correction.

Don’t rush through life so fast that you miss it. Our lives are not only about relationships and blessing around us. Work or philanthropy. Leisure or… But life is also a journey of growth. Choose today to give yourself margin to receive – you will be so glad you did!




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