2018 blogotional

I am so extremely excited to start a new year – the opportunity for a mental reset and reevaluation of my current patterns/choices is a welcome one.

For years I have had friends suggest I write a daily devotional, and, while I consider daily time with God to be extremely valuable, every single devotional book I have ever had has spent more time under the scrutiny of my dust cloth than gracing my lap. To be honest, I just prefer to open up my bible and see where it takes me…

Hence, my blogotional.

(See what I did there??)

Starting after the first of the year, I find myself even more excited because it is a valuable reminder to us that while the first of the year is a major milestone, ANY day is a good day to start out on a new journey with a fresh perspective!

Happy January 8th!!

This past year, God gave me the word “metamorphosis.” Initially delighted, by mid-July I was uncertain of my feelings about the change swirling around, and within, me. November arrived, and aching for release, I leaned forward; desperate to gain a glimpse of 2018 through the haze of uncertainty. Change often brings with it considerable more discomfort than joy.

Headed into a new season, I have asked the Lord for my new word, and over and over again, the same word has come to me in various forms over the past week. 2018 is my season to be bold.

‘Boldness’ is an adjective meaning:

1. showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous 2. having a strong or vivid appearance


I love the idea of being confident and courageous, and to the perception of some, I already am. In  many ways, however, I am still cautious in declaring what I want for my life, being willing to be my wholly authentic self, and throwing care to the wind when it comes to chasing after who I truly long to be.

Anyone with me??

Coming out of my metamorphosis, I am finding that my old ways of thinking and responding don’t feel cozy anymore. No longer fitting are the patterns of my 20’s and 30’s. Personality traits like hesitancy, complacency, and co-dependency have shifted from unflattering to downright uncomfortable. Like a butterfly whose wings cannot be returned to the cocoon from which they were released, I am no longer able to confine myself to that which is behind me. Anything short of freedom simply will not do.

If you have never asked God for a word for the year, consider asking for one today. A few years ago I had asked for one and for days I felt I was hearing nothing. Then one day as I was driving home, I was praying and getting a little pissy with God about His silence, when suddenly I felt a tug at my heart. My thoughts became centered again on my surroundings and right in front of me was a truck with large, red letter that read “genesis.” I laughed out loud, and that year I began to set my intention on doing all things in a new way, whenever possible; being open to whatever new opportunities were presented.

The bible promises that when we ask for wisdom, He is faithful to give it.

I am excited to take this journey with you and encourage conversation, prayer requests, and your thoughts as we tackle the year ahead. When we put our faith out in front, we can’t help but to see powerful and beautiful life unfold.

Welcome, 2018!







2 Replies to “2018 blogotional”

  1. Awesome word, Heather! And when you wrote about the butterfly whose wings can’t be returned to the cocoon, I saw myself.

    My word for 2018 also is BOLD. My dreams this year will be BOLD. My actions will be BOLD. My prayers will also be BOLD. “Remember, what you pray for reflects what you believe about God,” says Craig Groeschel.

    I’m going BOLD this year. I’m going ON FIRE with my faith. Thank you for re-igniting that spark today.

    1. Sam, I am so excited for you – it’s a big and scary and faith-filled word – can’t wait to see all that God is going to bring you and Sally this year as well! And, as always, I appreciate your support!!! 🙂 Blessings, friend!

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