promised land

I have found myself in the desert again. God is still with me, but I am dry. Exhausted. And quite uncertain as I wait for Him to move me out. Healing only comes after processing, and sometimes the processing can take time. With all my heart, I trust that on the other side, is a new me. God brings ALL things to good for those who love Him. But the waiting can be very hard. I don’t feel like myself, nor do I even know how to navigate my own life most days. Even the most mundane or simple of tasks can present themselves as completely overwhelming, and there are days when a rest in between each chore or trip to the kids’ school must occur. What I would like to say to all those who are currently in a desert season as well, is that you must hold on. Know that it truly is only a season and that regardless of how long you’ve already been there, you WILL come out and if you let Him, a new creation you will be! The Word tells us we go from glory to glory – I can only dream and hardly wait to see what beautiful things I will find in my promised land!


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