buying the lies.

I recently posted on my Facebook page about the challenges of raising kids up in our culture. It is something so heavy on my heart that I literally wept over the brokenness, and was compelled to stop what I was doing in order to sit my 8 and 12 year old children down for a heart to heart.

Someone I have known for many years decided to call me out, on my page, for “pretending” to care about the issue because of my spouse’s political point of view. Not mine, his. When I kindly responded that I would not choose to politicize that which hurts hearts on all sides of the issue, the barrage continued. After deleting the thread which was originally intended to be uplifting and encouraging to fellow parents, the dialogue continued via private message.

Subsequently, she decided she cannot remain friends with someone who walks in such perceived hypocrisy.

The most challenging part, and my main point in sharing, is that twice I offered that some of my political views differ from my husband’s and that if she would like to ask me how I personally feel, I would be more than happy to have some dialogue. Honestly, were she to have respected me enough to ask, we may have even discovered being on the exact same page.

Unfortunately, our culture does not believe in asking questions. At least not heart questions.

Thanks to our penchant for us-vs-them absolutes, drama-ridden relationships, and thirst for hate-fostered reality shows, we now have two generations of humans who somehow find more value in dissent and accusation;  elevating our own points of view above all else…

Above one another. Above mutual respect. Above authentic dialogue, critical thought and, (gasp!), even common courtesy. Obliterated by a thick layer of self righteousness is the ever-dimming light of humanity. Veiled under the quise of free speech, we have now come to the overarching belief that we are each our own god, and our personal beliefs are not only truth, but gospel. Any disagreement, or even curious questioning, is grounds for vile retribution.

And, we’ve bought the lie that to disagree or be different means there can be no common ground.

I’ll be honest, the truth that someone believes these untruths about me does sting. I won’t lie. And yet more and more I am learning the deep value of relationship with the remnant of people who still believe in grace over all, possess a deep faith in God and humanity, and choose life over vile words of condemnation and death. At the end, all we have is one another.

Love well.


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