Christian parenting is an interesting journey, possibly more so today than even the early days of Babylon or ancient Greece. The biblical values that many of us hold so dear are not only invalidated by popular culture; they are outright mocked as outdated, inconsequential and sometimes even shouted down as evil.

As a result, many of those who consider themselves to be of the Christian faith can falter. Some resort to a more harsh and Old Testament/pre-Jesus positioning, resulting in legalism that quenches the Holy Spirit and damages the soul, while others subscribe to a more hands off perspective, operating under the false belief/hope that God’s grace in and of itself will help a child to make solid decisions as they grow. Neither is effective in the short, or long game, and both extremes create not only a gap for our children, but in our own spiritual growth as well.

When we choose to follow Christ and give our lives over to the process of being renewed in Him, our children often bring to light those things which God is doing both in them, and in us. To be fully obedient to the process means to actively seek godly wisdom and counsel in all things, and, to be willing to receive correction from our Heavenly Father, even as we lovingly correct our precious littles.

I have often told my children that as they learn to obey my words, to buy into our family community, and trust the safety that I provide for them, subsequently they will one day trust our God’s provision. Even, when they can’t fully comprehend the “why.” The covering we offer in their childhood, will translate into their adulthood, as they realize that God is also guiding and protecting them.

Just as marriage is a model for the love between the church and our God, so is parenting a model for our more intimate relationship with the Father.

My kids have taught me so very much about my own weaknesses, and of my strengths. We grow together in our mistakes, celebrate our successes, and learn together the value of a walk with one another. And in Him. It is not always easy to be an effective, hands-on, humble and actively engaged parent, but it is always worthy of the effort – what we sow we will also reap.

While there is no perfect, we are always being perfected. Settle in and enjoy the journey of parenthood – the Bible says children are our inheritance. Our responsibility to our children is our primary ministry above any other endeavor. Seek His plan for you and your kids and do not be discouraged or moved by those who might question or judge your decisions for your family. And, be diligent in your pursuit of that which He has put before you. There is no greater challenge, or reward, than the honor of raising up the next generation.

Many blessings on your journey.

Train up your children in the way that they should go and when they grow old, they will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22:6


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