I didn’t watch the royal wedding this past weekend. Assuming there would be highlights that would allow me a lovely overview without a 4am wake up time; I opted for sleep. And, as luck would have it, the internet did not disappoint.

Images of the lovely bride and groom adorn my news feed, along with myriad commentary on the event. One article in particular touched my heart, and I began to consider what this wedding meant to so many people. 

Growing up, I was rather intrigued by the lovely, albeit reserved, Princess Diana. From the glorious wedding to her passion for the broken, her every move caught my attention. And my heart. Her death devastated myself along with the world, and watching her boys grow up without her has been an honor and a tender reminder of what the world lost when she passed.

Or did we lose…

When Jesus met with his disciples prior to being crucified, he tells them that it is good that he should go away, for when he does he will send his Holy Spirit.(John 16:7) I wonder if they ever fully embraced the depth of what it meant for his Spirit to stay behind, to inhabit the hearts and souls of his followers. What it would mean for generations to come. 

I think that as with Princess Diana, the shifting of ownership and responsibility changes the trajectory for generations to come. While her passing was a tremendous loss, it also opened the door for outdated protocol to die – Prince Charles was able to finally be with the woman he had been forbidden to marry, William was free to marry someone of his choosing, and this past weekend, Harry broke through the remaining barriers to love in the royal courts. 

Freedom often comes with death.

A friend and I were recently talking about how God views death. To those of us left behind, the loss is quite unbearable and often changes our lives forever. To an eternal God, however, making the shift from life in the natural to life in the heavenlies with Him is not loss, it is gain. 

And like a seed in the ground, it is often through the breaking that God is able to release the anointing set forth for what is to come. For who is to come.

The Word says that God brings good out of all things for those who love Him. It is rarely easy, usually ugly, and I predictably will fight pain and loss every step of the way. Faith is not an easy journey. But, while I don’t always understand the how, or the why, I can always count on my who to walk me through.




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