walk it out

I’ve been thinking a lot about forgiveness lately. As I am sure most of you can relate, it’s not the easiest thing to do, and goodness knows most of us have had many an opportunity in which to practice it.

Years ago I came to a place in my life where choosing to forgive shifted from being a nice ideology to and an absolute necessity to my survival. Walking through a divorce and releasing the care of my two precious children to weekend visitations with my ex and the person who had a huge part in the demise of my marriage took every ounce of self-restraint and God-sized faith I had.

Over time, however, the more I prayed blessing and wholeness over those who had hurt me, caused my own heart to heal. The bitterness and anger faded, and my decision to pray even when it was hard, allowed my children an opportunity to walk in wholeness as well. I truly believe that one decision I made to do things God’s way, played a significant role in the confidence and security my kids walk in to this day.

God is bigger than our stuff. He’s bigger than our pain and our emotions, and since He designed us, He certainly has a handle on how hard it is to navigate this life. So, if He calls us to forgive others as we ourselves have been forgiven, He must know we need that for our own good, our own emotional and spiritual health. And, surely, He will give us the capacity to walk that out.

Release others of their debt to you. Release yourself. Choose one person who has hurt you, to pray for. Daily. Pray for their health, their finances, their spiritual well-being. Ask God to extend them grace. And then enjoy His blessing for your own obedience.

Walk it out. It’s worth it.


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