find your smile

Looking through photographs, I tend to remember not only the actual occasion, but also what “season” of life I was in. Life moves quickly, at least for me it does, and much of my time on this earth has been marked by significant loss, growth and celebration.

Sometimes I look at my eyes, my body language, and try to discern how I was feeling when the picture was taken…

Once a statement was made about my “pretending” to be happy. To be super honest, I chewed on that for a long time. I would play with it, then put it back on the shelf for a while. But it’s often come into my mind when I have walked through a difficult time, and yet have celebrated holidays and birthdays and friends and family…

Here is what I have come to. Some of the most joyful moments I have had in this life have come during some of the darkest of days. It is in these times, these precious minutes and hours, that I am reminded of the fact that no matter what I am walking through –

1. God loves me.

2. He brings ALL things to good for those who love Him.

3. I am really incredibly blessed, regardless of temporary circumstances.

4. Things could always be worse.

5. In contrast with life’s pain, moments of joy seem all the more brilliant.

Wherever you are today, it’s my sincere prayer that you are still able to find your joy, find your faith, and share a big smile.


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