a common experience

A while back, I used a friend’s comment as a jumping block off which to start a blog post. The actual musings weren’t about her, but about the statement itself and where some people take it. And, where others don’t. She asked me about it, thinking that I believed some of the attributes I wrote about to be possessed by her.

Later, a close friend and I talked about it – I was concerned about ever writing something that someone might think was about them specifically. Or that I would offend someone. She told me that if I was always so worried about offending someone, I would never write anything. Blogging is writing about what we see, hear, think and experience, and our responses to such. It is what it is.

Over the years, I have found so many of us to be on the same journey. There’s no way to count the number of times a post has moved another person to either comment, or to private message me, how my words have met them right where they are at.

Sometimes, I think it’s God-timing – He does that, you know – encourages us through the words and shared experiences of others. But more often than not, I think we are just all human – we all face such similar struggles and life challenges, hopes, doubts, fears and frustrations.

Let what you’ve learned bless others – share your life – your successes and failures. Somewhere out there, perhaps closer than you know, needs to hear about your common experience…



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