a crack in the windshield

A few months ago, I was driving on Highway 2 and as a large truck passed, headed the opposite direction, a rock hit my windshield. Within just a few short hours it had already begun to crack – there was no time to take it in and fix the chip – it was long gone before I could respond. Since then, I have watched the crack slowly move up and down, back and forth…at times heading down and looking as though the line would meet its end, only to curve back up and once again cloud my vision.

So very often I feel relationships can go the same way. Before we even know what happened, emotions are high and conversations are convoluted. The tension ebbs and flows, but where and when, and IF, resolution is coming, is hard to discern. It can seem a compromise or understanding has been reached, only to watch the division spread yet again across our path.

There aren’t always simple answers. Issues shared with a heart for resolution can find peace – dialogue with an intent on being right will only perpetuate  strife. When we seek to win, we all lose.

If you are watching a crack in your windshield and don’t know where it’s going, be encouraged. The journey is long and we don’t yet know the end. Stand strong and remember that even if there becomes a permanent crack in the glass; you can still see, you can still drive, and life will go on…


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