a lesson learned

I am leading a book study this summer – we are reading “Boundaries,” by Townsend and Cloud. The first two times I read it was about 12 years ago in two consecutive study groups. Clearly, this is an area in which I need considerable support! The thing that struck me in yesterday’s reading was how many things I had forgotten, and how many tools I need to consider again. This life is a process; one that God wants us to succeed in. He often allows us to try and try again until we are perfected in an area. Then, we will move on to the next. Of course, some of us choose to stay stuck and never learn to cycle up out of our personal struggles, thereby never graduating to the next area of healing and restoration. Take a moment and consider where you are right now – emotionally, relationally, spiritually… Carve out time to consider if there are things that you need to move past in order to get to where you want to be – to where God wants you to be. And if you find out you’ve been stuck, choose to cycle up out of it and consider it a lesson learned.


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