a little higher

Traveling out of state today, my flight was quite lengthy so I brought along some reading to break up my naps, computer time and seat climbing in a desperate attempt to gracefully get to the ladies room from the window seat. Today’s selection is “Killing Reagan” by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard.

Honestly, riveting.

Born in 1971 with a Seattle police officer as a father, and tensions high at school for many years, I grew up with plethora information (probably a little too much!) and personal experience pertaining to the tensions in this country, and worldwide, during the 70’s. Top it off with the Cold War and I am not surprised my specialist told me my brain is fried from being in a chronic state of fight or flight for decades. In the middle of it all, though, was the bright light in my dad’s eyes; President Ronald Reagan.

Naturally, as I read of his early exploits as a womanizer and not always nice-guy persona, it’s an interesting spin on the sainthood he enjoyed in our small world, but the idea that someone so revered and so very successful in so many ways, was also so broken, is comforting.

Encouraging, even.

What I have found so enlightening so far is the greatly desired influence of the various socialist and communist groups in his earlier years upon our Hollywood elite. And, how quickly they jumped from one bandwagon to the next. There were literal riots and violent attacks against those who opposed these groups, and all I can think of is how quickly our favorite-famous-dazzling friends of today are not only once again trying to sway and influence culture on a grander scale than entertainers should be given the authority to, but also the ease at which so very many, the glittery and plain alike, follows the wind wherever it seems to blow.

God’s people are not called to such frivolity – our minds, hearts, thoughts and emotions are to be secured in the truth of God. In His Word. To be moved to and fro by what is trendy or emotional without weighing against the principles of faith is not only a disservice us, but sets everyone up around us for failure. Our families, communities, even our spiritual legacy, can be greatly affected by our decision to not be anchored in truth and align our words and actions with what He calls us to. There will be times in which we are challenged to confront our own limited points of view, or personal preferences, but just as in everything else woven into a life of faith, an eternal perspective must always rise above the whim of we the sight-limited, and submitted to the will and plan of God.

Don’t forget to take a moment, and take it a little higher.


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