a perfect union

Last night I had the honor of attending a wedding for two remarkable young people. They met while doing the church internship, and during their courtship they chose to follow God’s plan – seeking wise counsel, honoring their parents (Ray even asked Emily’s dad permission to initially date her!),  and staying sexually pure. It’s always such an amazing thing to witness the spiritual union of two people who genuinely live out their faith in a real and authentic way.

I used to struggle with such weddings. My guilt and regrets would overtake me. I so often have wished I would have been raised up seeking such honor; knowing what purity really looked like (outside of the no sex thing). Realizing that waiting for a man of valor is not only worth the wait, but that there really ARE men of such character and intentionality.

Raising kids, it’s easy to feel as though we can’t expect them to go any further than we have. To desire them to have standards and values that exceed what we were able to achieve. But our children can raise to the levels of excellence God has called each of to, if we help them realize that the only way to set such goals and achieve them is to lean on the strength of the Lord. Never expecting perfection, but always pointing in the direction that leads them to greater success than possibly we, were able to achieve.

My son was helping with sound last night, and watching him relax with his friends, jump for the garter,  being a part of such an amazing union, I smiled knowing that he himself has pledged purity until marriage. I picture him in not-so-many years, offering his love, protection and whole-self to a lovely young woman one day. I imagine such a beautiful foundation and sure start to his future family.

What do you desire for your kids? Do you merely hope they won’t make the same mistakes you did, or lovingly show them another way? I know that for myself, I did things my way for a really long time, and it never quite worked out the way I would have hoped. Following God’s plan for my life has given me so much more peace, hope and grace than I ever could have dreamed. Now that dream is starting to grow in my kids…

A perfect union.





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