add character

I took a hard fall a couple of months back, incurring several injuries including a pretty serious one above my right eye. Days after, I was still numb all the way to the crown of my head and across my forehead. As feeling came back, I would get spears of sharp pain, and the numbness, while it waned, has outstayed its welcome. Even today, nearly 3 months after the accident, there is still a red scar and some numb areas I am uncertain will ever be completely restored. I forget it’s there most days…until I touch it or someone mentions it. It reminds me of the fall, of my fear, but also of my phenomenal friend who helped me climb down the mountain with a concussion and gaping wound. One step at a time. My healing process might sound a bit like yours – a broken heart, lost dream or child – where the pain ebbs and flows and sometimes, even now, there are numb or sore spots. Spots that reveal themselves when you think the season of grieving is long past. You ARE healing, you ARE moving forward. Restoration can be a process, but it can be beautiful in the journey, if you let it. Give yourself grace, and time. And remember that scars add character. 


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