Today’s quiet time in the bible brought me to the book of Proverbs. There are many references to a harlot in Proverbs – many tales of disaster that fall upon those men who follow her. She is also referred to as a “strange woman,” and most scholars would agree that while it is true that such relationships lead to pain and loss, the implications really have more to do with God’s people being led astray. As I read this morning; I chose to put a little different spin on it and started inserting my name in the mix. There are many things in my life that have kept me from fullness of relationship with God, that have derailed me from walking in my full potential. As I share my list of idols and “strange women,” consider yours – there is no growth without first receiving revelation… Jealousy…Insecurity…Comparison…Envy…Unforgiveness…Anger…Lust…Dishonesty…Lack of Faith…  Today I repent of my adultery against my God and His people and ask for forgiveness and His grace to grow. I will never be perfect, but am grateful for His faithfulness to move in spite of me. May you find the strength to turn from that which holds you back…When you cheat on God, you really only cheat on yourself… Believe me, I know. Shalom.


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