all that matters

My husband and I were watching sports highlights this morning, and a baseball player made an amazing catch, over the fence. It looked painful as he hit the pavement on the other side, and Chris said, “All that matters is that he caught the ball.” I started thinking about all the times I have said something similar. Or, “At least…something, something…” in the face of loss. There are moments in life where we are presented with the opportunity to decide for ourselves, which is the lesser evil. Or what is more important to us. Sometimes it can even come down to core values. I like those moments – they tend to be defining moments for me and help me to elect not to be dramatic or overly distraught. “Yes, my son just got red finger nail polish all over the kitchen floor, right before it’s time to leave, but at least it’s not on the carpet.”   “Well, we lost our home to the current economy but at least we have a place to live.”   “It could always be worse, my kids could be missing or terminally ill…” Welcome opportunities to define what truly matters to you. Choose to see struggle as an open door to clarification. At the end of the day, God is on the throne and will bring all things to good. And isn’t that all that really matters?


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