all the ladies!

I feel such a stirring in my heart today, and it’s all about the ladies. Those of us who call Christ our King, we are Daughters. Royal Daughters. Princesses. Queens. A Royal Priesthood. We are called to one another. Accountable to one another.

Our destiny is to build up that which is torn down. To edify one another. Speak life into one another. We are not called to criticize or to compete, but to lift up and encourage. We are the peacemakers in our homes. The atmosphere setters in our homes. Our strength is not meant to dominate or to boast in, but to use to set others free.

To feed the poor.

Pray for the sick.

Build homes. Families. Community.

We are God-breathed to give birth.

To humans. Ideas. Art. Beauty. Relationship.

We are Daughters. Do you feel it?? Daughters of the King. Beautiful and strong, dignified and empowered. We are free to support, love, encourage, overcome. Where war has raped, we bring restoration. When poverty steals, we nourish. When a sister falls, we build her up. When our families falter, we are not moved. If our man is weak, we hold up his arms until he can do it himself. Where are children fail, we help renew vision. Where our Lord sends us, we GO!

WHATEVER you are called to today, know that in this moment, it the very most important thing you can do for humanity. Wherever your fear lies, know you are NOT alone – call on a sister. Regardless of your perceived shortcomings, walk in the AUTHORITY given to you by your Heavenly Father. We NEED one another to walk in who we are each designed to be. The world needs YOU.

Calling ALL the ladies…


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