All We Got

Relationships can be hard; both parties absolutely have to be invested in order to achieve success. And yet, often we find ourselves in positions where only one is willing to put in the work. The other person might SAY they want it, or imply a desire to be connected, but they allow their own filters and perceptions to keep you apart. As a result, division is maintained through strife, misunderstanding or offense. I have faced this struggle on more than one occasion. While on the one hand, I have amazing, fulfilling, long-standing friendships, still others have brought with them a deep pain. There are people I love a great deal who cannot get past their own interpretations of what my heart, mouth, and actions, are really saying.  It’s very difficult to let them go, and yet impossible to do life with someone who is unwilling to receive me for who I am, or who is not open to accepting me at face value. Oftentimes, the internal agendas we walk around with can overshadow our ability to see clearly, those who are closest to us. Today, consider the relationships you struggle with the most and take the opportunity to honestly evaluate what the core issue is. Are your expectations or interpretations, your filters or history, keeping you from the fulfillment you seek? Be willing to invest; to go out on a limb and accept others at face value. Give those you love the opportunity to be who they were brought into your life to be in the first place. At the end of the day, relationship is all we got.


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