American Idol

Listening to a recording of my oldest son singing this morning, I began to revisit our plan for his gift. You see, he’s really quite talented. So much in fact, that I have had many, many, people approach me and suggest that we have him audition for American Idol, or to send in a demo to The Ellen Show. As of right now, the plan is to have him finish high school, do one year of internship at our church, and then attend college. He is leading and growing under the leadership of our church’s worship leader and pastors, and he and I feel really solid about allowing God to open whatever doors He wants opened.

At the end of the day, we believe that God gave him his gift – it belongs to God to use as He sees fit.

Of course, as with any processor who values the input of others, doubts can creep in and sometimes I find it necessary to re-evaluate. Today, I spent a little time working it all out again.

I think it’s important to always be intentional with our decisions. Not always easy, but crucial to our spiritual walk, and really to our personal success in all areas of life. Oftentimes something can appear to be wisdom, or a great opportunity. In many cases, for some it is. However, we all have our own journey to travel, and it’s important to weigh our own “wisdom” with the discernment of God through the Holy Spirit.

Every life is a gift, and every moment is precious. What we do with our time and talents will determine where we go in this life. Trust God in the process – even if He never sends you to American Idol fame…





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