and it will be lovely

Walking by my kitchen table this morning, my centerpiece looked a little different. I saw for the first time, the compilation of years of life spent, and gifts received. You see, there are three angels in my Christmas scene. Three angels that were obtained at very different times, and yet somehow, all work together.


One came from an ornament exchange, another was a gift. Yet a third was a purchase made at a garage sale. It’s funny how little things collected over the years, put together, make a complete picture.

Life is just like that. God puts people in our lives, takes them out, allows us to walk out our journey, only to put it all together and somehow, cause it to make sense. Many “scenes” in my life have evolved in such a way, and I can only imagine what we will see when we finally find our way home for good.

Do not be discouraged if right now things don’t make sense. Be not afraid while waiting for God to put your pieces together. Your scene will be complete. And it will be lovely.


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