Yesterday I had a prime opportunity to be offended. Funny, since that is the very thing our pastor spoke on this past Sunday. A woman at the kids’ school took it upon herself to point out how she felt I was not making a good choice as a mother. Having lost my cool with her over the exact same situation (different topic) last year, I chose to not say a word and walk away. It’s difficult for me to deal with those who would appear to care little for the opinions and boundaries of others. There is a distinct difference between a mother who parents from perhaps an opposing world view and one who is just negligent – but this particular woman seems to feel her brand of parenting is best.

But, here is the kicker. As adults, her own children have had considerable struggles and I would submit to you the possibility that her over-zealous attitude towards helping those around her make the “correct” choices in raising their own children, may be her way of trying to make up for what she feels are her own inadequacies.  The pain of watching her own precious ones struggle may propel her to action whenever she sees something that reminds her of herself. Past mistakes can be debilitating.

Needless to say, after breathing deeply and silencing the arguments juggling around my brain, I have chosen to forgive and love this person. Nothing I can say will ease her pain, nor change the course of her direction. The only antidote to pain is love. Love someone today.


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