back in the front room

This year we put our tree in the front room. It’s separate from the main living area and while it’s lovely to be able to see the lights as one approaches the house, I found that I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much. So, this morning, I am sitting on the floor, just taking a moment to soak in its beauty.

It’s funny how “out-of-sight-out-of-mind” we tend to be. Last year this room held a television and kid-friendly furniture for my younger two, but since we’ve moved everything to their room, this space is often ignored, save the few moments a day when my oldest comes in to tinker on the piano. As much as I love a Christmas tree, I’ve barely given it a consideration outside of an appreciative glance now and again in passing.

Relationships can be the same way.

Walls and boundaries change, people change, life gets busy and pretty soon even our most favorite of people can become more of a novelty rather than the center of our day. Just as a tree is meant to bring peace and beauty and a reminder of the season, so our relationships with others are meant to bring fulfillment, joy and a reminder of the “season” we are in.

This next few days, in the wake of the busyness of the holidays, make the decision to put that person back in your front room; back into the center of your world. And have the happiest of new years!


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