back in the ring

Do you ever wonder if you are reaping what you’ve sown? Are there days when holding your tongue, choosing the high road, blessing those who curse you, volunteering, tithing, giving, sacrificing or praying seem to get nothing in return?

Patience is difficult.

Years ago, Chris and I were looking to buy our first home. We found what I felt was the absolute perfect home for our family (to this day I can tell you every detail – I loved it!!). We made an offer and it was declined (the homeowners later tried to come back but we had already found something else). I was crushed and for years lamented on “what if” we had gotten that house over the one we ended up buying (in Monroe) and eventually having to sell.

Loss is hard.

Recently, my husband was in the general vicinity of that house that we “lost out on” and expressed his absolute relief that we didn’t live in that area. I also expressed my feelings of gratitude as we began to talk about our friends and our church and the community we are now a part of by “default.”

What some might consider negative, and possibly the result of not having God’s favor, we choose to see AS God’s favor – He knows what we need. WHO we need. WHERE we need to be. You see, favor and blessing does not always look the way we might think or want it to. We may sow seeds of financial blessing, and reap in great relational reward. We may volunteer our time, miss a promotion, but be provided for in other ways than a monthly paycheck. Just recently I felt moved to give more than I felt we could afford on a Sunday morning, only to get a substantial and completely unexpected refund from our dentist. I have had some familial struggles, only to have God bless me with extended “family.”

Don’t give up. Take a break and go back in the ring. Make no mistake, God is not mocked. Ever. He will always make sure that what we put out in honor of Him will result in reward and blessing and favor for us. Always.




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