be kind

So often we can think of God has a facilitator of change…but only through a rigorous set of rules and expectations. Reinforced by fellow believers, these “rules” of engagement can often seem overwhelming, unattainable. Instead of feeling free to access our creator at all times, we can begin to allow guilt to seep into our souls and form walls which keep us bound.

While it is valuable to honor His word, it is vital we also recognize how very much He loves us and wants relationship. When God sent His son Jesus, He did it so we didn’t have to be perfect. Jesus was perfect for us.

The Word tells us it is His will that none would perish, but all would come to a saving knowledge of Him. 

In my lifetime, I have known such kindness. Unselfish love, offered from a place of authenticity and overflow. It is this form of unconditional love that I have found in the gracious arms of a loving God. Never have I felt overwhelmed by judgement – only ever of love and gratitude. When I have recognized my failures and poured them out in prayer, the tears are again of gratitude for the love through which I know it is received. 

God is never surprised by my failures and shortcomings.

Or yours.

Be encouraged today that He sees you, loves you, and already made a way for you to live your best life. Regardless of where you have been or where you are, He is already there and waiting to walk forward together. 

In kindness.


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