be seen

This morning my four-year-old came up and snuggled in next to me on the couch, asking me to watch him play his Mobigo (video game). At first I was happy to, but after a few short minutes I began to tire of watching his little car go around and around the track, and my attention was drawn back to my email and Facebook surfing.

Until I realized how important my full attention is to my son.

Don’t we all want to be “seen.” As much as we raise our kids up to be servants and to have a heart of humility, as much as each of us would like to believe we are completely selfless in our “doing” for others, don’t we all have a desire to be recognized for our hard work? For a job well done?

God sees you. He sees every move, every action. He hears every cry, recognizes every act of love behind the scenes… Don’t for a moment ever believe that your thoughts, actions and motives get past a loving, and most-attentive God. Never fear that your heart will not be rewarded for the good it puts out into the world.

But if you ever feel the need to be “seen,” turn your attention to those around you – when we fill others up, we ourselves will be filled…



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