I was visiting with a sweet friend today, and shared a story about a time when I prayed over a perfect stranger at a gas station a few years ago. This afternoon I began to reflect on that experience and the things that may have altered that transaction.

Having shared this before I will be brief, but a young woman was pumping gas next to me and I felt so compelled to pray for her that my heart began to race and my palms sweaty. My stomach was in knots and I absolutely knew that if I asked her if I could pray for her I would totally embarrass myself. She was young, dressed to kill, and really, a knockout. I was not-so-hot, late 30’s, car load of kids. Ugh.

But the spirit compelled me and when I asked her if I could pray she broke down sobbing, and shared that she had just asked God to give her a sign if He was real.

Here is where my bipolar reference comes in. I, Heather, have always been Person A. Person A is shy, reserved, insecure, fearful of what others think, goofy, nerdy, critical, quick to judge…. But, when I am walking in faith; setting aside my insecurities, judgments, and preconceived ideas, walking in the light of who God says I am, Person B views and handles life considerably different.

We ¬†all have the choice in every single situation to view things from our emotional or fearful state, or from a position of faith. There are absolutely times when emotions dictate what comes out of my mouth, only to give way to an eternal perspective once I’ve taken a deep breath or two. My flesh may want to perceive things one way, but if I step into Person B and choose to look at things from a broader, more God-inspired perspective, that very same situation can look completely different.

Every day we have a choice as to who is going to rule us – our emotions or our faith. It takes practice, but I believe if intentional, a life walked out in faith will bring more fruit, peace and joy than we could ever imagine… If nothing else, I am so grateful for the grace God has for my bi-polar days….




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