black holes and re-posts

Being on Facebook most of my waking hours in between classes at the partnership, sitting in the car waiting for kids, “watching” cartoons, etc. Honestly, it’s a bit of a life-saver for me. I have noticed, however, a significant increase in snarky comments and assumptive observations. Myself included, to be honest. I certainly can understand getting irritated at some people’s endless positions that don’t line up with mine. There is a hide button for a reason.

From a sociological perspective, social media is an interesting thing. We invite people to be our “friend,” then we begin to pick apart everything they post based on our own personal filters, agendas or preferences. Interesting at best.

If these people add enough value to our lives to be let in on our daily events and moments, one might assume their opinion to hold a little bit of weight. This would not seem the case, more often than not, and subsequently we have turned our request to join our lives as merely another area where we can feel superior and entitled to judge someone else’s life or motives.


“They just want attention.”

“They want to show off.”

“Can’t they get enough of themselves?”

Well…if they value you enough to add you to their world, perhaps your opinion DOES matter. We ALL like to gain support, feel encouraged, feel valued, especially when sharing parts of our lives that we feel define us. The person who shares “too much drama” might be crying out for help. Perhaps the person who posts a ton of pictures of their kids really places value on who they are in their lives. Possibly that friend who re-posts nearly everything doesn’t feel their own words are sufficient.

At the end of the day, life and relationships are hard enough without subjective and assumptive opinions between friends. Between human beings. While it’s certainly easy and oftentimes, extremely self-gratifying, to elevate ourselves above others, in the end we really just miss out on authentic relationship, peaceful spirits, and we only further the negative energy that already prevails in our culture.

Competition is only valuable if it propels further excellence. All others forms create a chasm. Gonna work on avoiding that black hole today…And certainly making my postings more “socially acceptable” and “friend-pleasing.” 🙂




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