blessed in the dark

A week ago today I woke up to the news my sister-by-design was in the ICU, having been hit by a car while she rendered aid to the victim of a three car crash the night before. Her injuries were serious, but the reality is, they could have been so much worse. God was looking out for her – His plan for her life is not yet through.

It’s really only begun.

Over the past week, prayers and offers of help have poured out like a mighty river. While her husband and another friend and I held vigil and hovered like nervous new mama’s, hundreds of people spoke life and healing over her, comfort and strength over us. My friend’s life affects so many others – more than I think she ever could fully comprehend.

Through it all,  I learned some things about myself. And about others. I learned who really cared and who still put their own interests first. It was made clear how much those I love mean to me, and the depth of my personal convictions. My faith was strengthened, my hope renewed, and prayers answered.

I don’t know how to end this as there are still so many thoughts, ideas, and emotions running through my head. Multiple evenings of sitting in the dark in prayer, courageously believing that God hears every single one, and watching someone so precious to me fight the good fight of faith and life, has a way of making everything look just a little different. Or, completely different.

So, I am grateful. Thoughtful. Blessed by all of you. Just blessed….


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