Two weeks ago as I was backing out of our garage, my Expedition died. Right there in the driveway. It choked, sputtered, and died. I interrupted my husband’s work call to let him know I would be driving the kids to school in his car, and we began navigating our busy lives with one car until we could get someone to come look at it (and payday arrived). Needless to say, with four kids, work, my volunteering and our entire lives rotating around a community that is 20 minutes away, it was an adventure.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I got one of the best gifts – aside from my precious little ones, of course – my car was fixed! When Chris drove up to pick us up from church in MY car, I was extremely excited (and relieved!).

It was a bug. A bug in an intake valve. That was a all – just $40 later and I was back on the road. This huge, beautiful, not-so-old vehicle was shut down by a teeny, tiny insect. Remarkable.

Sometimes we can find ourselves shutting down. Not working right. Life can come to a complete stop. Growth can be stunted. Sleep lost. And oftentimes, it is merely the result of little more than a tiny bump in the road; a little bug in the system.

The cool thing about the guy who came to fix the car yesterday is that he had a little computer that he hooked up to the car to determine where the issue was. A few, short, 40-some minutes later and she was running like a champ. What can sometimes feel like a huge obstacle to overcome can often be solved in the quiet, reflective moments. Creating margin to do a full spiritual diagnostic, and reflect on the core issues of a situation, might result in the simplest of solutions – without tearing apart the whole engine.

What bugs do you need to work out today? Do you have time for honest evaluation? It could literally take that broken down situation and get you back to full speed ahead in moments…


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