For those of you who don’t know me well, one of my part time jobs is as the Volunteer Coordinator for our kids’ program at church. Sunday mornings are a busy day for the whole family as we each scurry to our posts, and I make sure everyone shows up where they need to be in order for our classrooms to open. Recently, late on a Saturday night, I found myself needing to fill multiple positions.

Much to my joyous surprise, they were all filled by the time I went to bed.

The next morning, however, I was greeted by two more texts from lead positions assigned to first service, stating they were ill and unable to come in. Panic! Again, however, God miraculously helped me fill those positions, as well as the one that needed filling right after we were done with sound check that morning (I was with the worship team that weekend).


It was very unusual to have so many changes, and even crazier for all of those spots to get filled in time, not to mention the sheer ludicrousness of finding people to help who don’t normally serve on our team.

It was nothing short of miraculous, made even more so after a conversation I had today…

Evidently, there were some very timely and dare I say, divine, appointments that happened between people that would not have happened had so many changes not taken place. More than one conversation/connection was made possible ONLY by the fact that these particular amazing friends jumped into an unfamiliar space to help make church happen for our kids that day.

Sometimes, catastrophe forces necessary change.

Can you think of a time when tragedy was really the catalyst for triumph?? I am sincerely hoping that we all can, if we look at the big picture. Even the most benign of situations can in time evolve into the most glorious of breakthroughs.

I pray you would find such a connection today. That God would reveal His handiwork in your life in a way you may have never been able to see before. May even the greatest of catastrophes prove to bring you proof of His great plan for you…today.


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