change with care

I met a woman yesterday who literally changed my life. She was introduced to me by a dear friend and I was instantly struck by her stunning beauty. She was attractive, but her inner glow, her peace, made her exquisite. Her young son is absolutely adorable, with a contagious smile, and is currently fighting cancer. I was struck by the peace that accompanied her little family, and how she spoke of the blessings they had, and were, experiencing on their journey. My friend made mention of how she glorifies God so well and her response was a gracious smile, followed by this statement: “Well, there is nothing of me left, so all I can do is allow Him to be glorified through me.” After a few more minutes of conversation, they took their beautiful little family off to bless someone else with their gracious presence and I literally felt changed. Not overly thoughtful, or dramatic, or anything profound, but a subtle and yet noticeable shift in my spirit. Her life changed mine.

Never underestimate your ability to affect those around you – your life is a walking testimony to everyone you come in contact with. Change with care.


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