changing toilet paper

Recently, someone visited my church and said how much they liked the message, and even enjoyed the pastor’s “plug for donations.” It struck me a little odd as they are no stranger to what church services look like, and would claim to know God and His word. We had a short conversation about it, but at the end, I could see that trying to clarify why we give, why we trust God with our tithe, was truly lost on this person. It was just so foreign to them. 

Yesterday between services, I overheard an exchange between two volunteers restocking bathrooms – toilet paper, towels for hands, soap… And I laughed a bit. So many people, oftentimes those who don’t even attend a church, but some who do, will have a laundry list of things they think a church should provide. There are expectations of how well we should be provided for. And yet there are many who are offended at the obligation we have to give. So I wonder, how much do we appreciate electricity? Water? A heating system? Clean floors? I mean, we could certainly meet in a field once a week, but I doubt these people would make an appearance. How about giving to the poor? Providing wells in third world countries? Helping those rescued from the human sex trade syndicate? Helping out members of the community when they hit a rough patch. Turkey dinners and toys at Christmas for those will little to their name…

We should all do our part to help further God’s kingdom. Whether it’s in material ways, or time spent serving, there is much work to be done. There are genuine needs that must be met. That $10 you so casually tossed in the bucket and patted yourself on the back for, might represent a meal for an entire family. Or perhaps a portion of your neighbor’s power bill. Maybe it even paid for the lights and air conditioning when YOU were on your knees at the alter, receiving your own salvation. 

If we could get past the distrust, past the fear of losing and see beyond our own desire to “get mine,” perhaps we could see that God has a plan to provide and care for ALL people, and that YOU might be the person He needs to use to get those resources to where they need to go. If nothing else, perhaps you could throw a dime in the plate for your own personal TP use. Just a thought…


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