christmas cards & holiday sentiments

On Sunday I received my first Christmas card. It sits, currently alone, front and center on my card stand in our entry way. Oh, I know others are coming, but there is something powerful that happens each time I walk by.

I know that someone was thinking of me. 

My first round of cards went out a couple of weeks ago and I quickly ran out. It is truly amazing the diversity of people who occupy different spaces in my heart. While some friends are a part of my daily life, others were a large part years ago, and remain in my thoughts and prayers – even if only once a year.

One of those dear ones I sent a card to, thanked me for it and stated she believed it would be the only one she would receive this year. 

Her sentiment stopped my heart.

What might seem a silly sentiment, or the most insignificant of gestures, can to some, mean everything. In a world of email and social media, we have moved further and further from the more costly efforts of hand writing a note, mailing a card, or taking 30 minutes of our week to call and speak to an old friend in person. Instead, we rely on ecards or worse yet, 
“Merry Christmas to all” posts, that while well-intended, can never take the place of a heartfelt, tangible gesture, to someone who has been, or is, a part of our life’s journey.

Now, don’t take my words as an indictment and one more “should” on your plate, but, please do hear my heart when I say to you that your tiny expressions of love and thoughtfulness might just mean the world to someone else this holiday season.

Ignore the world. Set aside the perceived differences and just love. Send a wishing of a blessed Hanukkuh if you are Jewish, a wish of peace for Kwanzaa, an extension of grace if you celebrate Christmas. Or, buy and send cards to others honoring what they themselves celebrate. When we honor one another from the well of authenticity within our own hearts, we change the world around us one sentiment at a time. 

If only for one moment. 

Merry Christmas, friends.  


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