communion & yoga mats

When Jesus broke the bread and drank from the cup with His disciples the final day before He was betrayed and gave Himself up for our sake, He said to “do this in remembrance of me.”

As often as we think of Him.

In recent years, taking communion in my quiet time has been a most sacred part of my personal journey of faith. In the solitude of the moment, in the tears and angst of the season, in the celebration of His faithfulness, the taste of the bread on my tongue, the bitterness of the wine, reminds me of the holiness of Christ in His sacrifice.

And, the sacredness of His Spirit living inside of me.

I do yoga at home now, but for years I spent several mornings a week in lovely Eula’s class at the YMCA. The music quiet, breath patterned, and soul at rest, we would focus on the feelings of our fingertips touching, could feel the strength in individual muscles as we moved through each vinyasa. In context, we were becoming more aware of the power and grace within ourselves.

Similarly, and more incredibly, we can experience the same fulness of self-awareness, and also a deep awareness of God, in our times of prayer, focus and sacrifice to Christ. The sensation of the elements as our hearts are bent towards hearing His direction, a calming of our spirit as our fingertips touch in prayerful reverence, and deep rest comes in remembering Who is covering our lives and filtering every day through His loving hands. We listen carefully for the gentle whisper of His voice and the melody in His heart as He sings over us. (Zephaniah 3:17)

This, my friend, is peace.

If you have never taken communion alone, please consider allowing yourself this beautiful opportunity to connect with your Creator. Set aside a space, a time, some worship music and perhaps a candle to establish a moment of surrender to what He might have for you in that moment. Read aloud Mark 14:22-26 or Matthew 26:26-30, or pause to remember the elements as His body and blood given for your mortal soul in pursuit of your eternal love.

Then quiet, listen, and rest in His presence.



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