conflicting elephants

I walked in on the end of one of my kids’ shows recently and there was a recap of the word, “perception.” Of course, you know it caught my attention because I write about it all the time. It actually might be one of the most important words in my personal reality. In the show, an elephant had walked through a dark room and each person had a completely different perspective on what it was.

While funny to the kids, I was again struck by the reality of how very different each of us can relate to the very same thing/situation. Being right is never something we should strive for, nor should we assume that our position is correct merely because of how passionate we feel about it.

Even today, I am in the midst of an ongoing conversation where each person’s version of the actual conflict is different and it’s an effort to hear where one another is coming from. While a lot of work, it’s worth it to sort through the emotions and find the root. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much we value our relationships.

The bible says not to let the sun go down on your anger. God said a lot of things, but if He says it, it means it’s of value to Him. Since we are hand-crafted by Him, it would be wisdom to value what He holds dear. Dive in, listen, receive and forgive. Sometimes that elephant isn’t an elephant at all…


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  1. This is such a relevant statement for me. I just finished The Four Agreements, by Don Ruiz Miguel. I love how it talks about how our assumptions, of our self and towards/about others can guide our perspective and how not to take things personally (relates to your other post there) For all those reasons, helping each other in life, not ever coming from a place other than one of love and willingness to share so as to lift each other up and out of whatever stuck place we are in.
    Feel blessed when His message is reaffirmed through so many Good sources 🙂

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