corona chronicles – civil liberties edition

Okay, kind of kidding – not gonna get super political. Yesterday, however, our governor mandated another month of stay-at-home. After 8 weeks of iso so far, to say that this is feeling like overreach and more than my brain and spirit can handle is grossly understated.

Businesses are lost. Domestic violence is increasing. Hospitals are nearly empty and people are waiting for needed procedures and surgeries. People aren’t getting their unemployment and the state is teetering. Meanwhile, our leaders continue to get paid, go to the gym, go golfing, get their hair done and the capital’s front lawn continues to be perfectly groomed. Odd…

I am exhausted, and so very, very worried for many in our communities.

In the middle of all of this, with an entire nation in turmoil, Twitter and Facebook continue to censor more conservative or right-leaning voices, passives continue to whine about voices inviting them to wake up, and we seem to have completely lost sight of our foundational “we the people” ideology.

Censorship… If people communicate a more red or conservative POV they are being censored. Now, thankfully, we don’t currently yet have a federal government operating this way, but the attitude behind silencing voices that don’t fit the currently trending popular narrative is glaringly obvious. And, it’s scary because there are leaders at local levels who also adhere to this philosophy. People tend to find delightfully creative ways to justify attitudes and choices made which they personally align with, and the world feels a little unfriendly these days.

Honestly, a little unnerving.

Yesterday after the announcement was made, I found myself feeling uncharacteristically rebellious. Up in arms, so to speak. It was unusual for me and I wasn’t quite certain what to do with all that energy. Feeling a bit like a caged lion, I wanted to lash out, stand up, and defy the decision of a man who is in leadership over me, but absolutely leading in a manner I completely disagree with.

Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. – Romans 13:1

It all comes back down to trust, I know. Do I really trust the Lord or not? Do I know that I know, He will bring something good out of this? YES! And, do I also believe there are times to stand up, speak up, even rebel? Absolutely. The tension is real and it’s vital to be prayerful and consider what each of us is called individually to do. Thankfully, today we still live in a democracy and I still have a voice at the ballot box. A platform with those in my circle. But we may not always. I am thinking more and more of our fellow humans living in countries where the government abuses their power at every level, with no recourse.

May we never arrive in such a space as a nation.

This morning my focus is on Him. Being in the Word. In prayer. Breathing deeply and choosing to cling to my faith and the truth of what I know in my heart to be true. These, are the freedoms which cannot be taken away.



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