I have this wonderful little setup that allows me to see how many readers visit my blog on a daily basis. To be perfectly honest, some of those statistics are less-than-inspiring, and there are days, sometimes weeks, when I just don’t see the point in writing. It can discouraging at best, to put your heart and ideas out to the world, only to see how quickly those sentiments pass and the writer is forgotten.

Last Sunday at church someone came up and mentioned that I had not been writing, and said to his friend, “I have to get you set up to read her blog!” It was so humbling, and encouraging, and I promised I would blog three times in the next week (I better get moving!).

My point? We can never fully realize the full impact of our daily decisions. The way we respond to stress. How we handle a difficult co-worker. Whether or not we choose to serve those around us or the smile we pass on to a busy clerk. It’s almost cliche’ how often people talk about such things, but it’s an important reminder to those of us who are tired, or feeling as though doing the “right” thing is too hard sometimes. If you’ve ever wanted to quit, remember that someone is counting on you not to.

You matter more than you know.


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