coyote consequences

This weekend I faced the unfortunate task of cleaning up a dead animal in my front yard. My husband had just left to coach baseball and was running late so he called to ask me to tackle it so the kids wouldn’t see it. His final warning was, “Um, one more thing. It’s missing its head.” 


Our neighbor had seen the local coyote twice that day, so I was pretty confident a creepy stalker hadn’t placed the cat there, but it was still a significantly more unpleasant job than my usual spider adventures (yes, I am the one in our house who handles all that creeps and crawls …). Ever since, we have kept our own cats inside. 

Our boy kitty, Vegas, is especially put out by my new boundary. All morning he has been whining at me, following me around and reminding me just how unjust this all is. Ignorant of the potential consequences, Vegas wants what he wants. Period.

Sounds a bit like me with God sometimes.

Vegas, of course, has zero understanding of the perils that await him were he to get his way – all he can see is green grass and fresh air. How cruel his mama is to not let him have what is clearly good. What will certainly bless him… 

(You see where I’m going with this, right??)

How often do we something that perceive is right, or good, and chase it down without praying for God’s will (or listening to His answer) only to later discover that the thing we longed for brought about the most unpleasant, or unexpected, of consequences?

Listening to his persistent mew while brewing my first cup of joe, I began thinking about the things that God has said no to in my own life. The relationship challenges. That job I wanted. Reconciliation I longed for. Healing. Finances. Breakthrough… But then I began to think about how some of the no’s I have received in my life have blessed me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Oh, if I want to I can still spin things to appear that I could have made something really good out of those situations, but the truth is, God, in His sovereignty, brings about blessings from all things. 

Even when it was He who took it away in the first place.

Friends, we can’t always know what is best for us. That person who is being so unkind might not have a heart change because God has a better relationship for you. Or, He has your personal growth in mind. That financial struggle might be the best way to learn how to trust Him in a new area, or how to find grace for those who have less than you and perhaps made choices you tend to judge. A person who walked away might have created the space you need to accommodate a friendship which is richer than you could have ever imagined. Whatever the season, we have to trust the process.

We need to take Him at His Word.

What are you railing against God about today? Could it be that He just wants you to trust Him? Is it possible that this is His covering and protection over your heart in ways not yet visible? Are you whining at the door of God’s heart, or curled up peacefully at His feet, believing that in His presence you are just where you are supposed to be?

Maybe today is a good day to rest. 


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