creating a moment

The treasures of King Tutankhamun are in Seattle again – their last visit here was in 1978. I was 7 when I walked through the maze of priceless gold and art. I still very much remember his baby crib, made entirely of precious metal. Whether the remarkable history, grandeur of it all or simply the beauty, it made a lasting impression on me. As soon as I heard this display was coming back back, I made plans to take my kids to see it as well. It made such an impact on me, I long to share it with them as well. 

What are the moments that have resonated in your spirit? What thoughts come to mind when you think of your childhood? I know that for myself, there are not a lot of memories from when I was young, but those that remain are clear and distinct. Some good and some not so grand, they stand as pillars on my heart, reminding me of where I have come from, what the world has told me about myself. 

I long to create moments for my kids that are lasting, that are positive. I want to create an environment and series of opportunities, both great and small, that they might be able to carry with them long after I have gone. Moments that will propel them to want more and to seek greatness, moments that they will share with their kids. 

It doesn’t have to be huge or extravagant, but what it does need to be is meaningful in some way. The times I choose to sit and eat popcorn while watching Elmo instead of doing the dishes. Opting for a backyard picnic over the kitchen table for no particular reason. Holding my teen’s hand while sharing my heart and vision for their life. Walking through endless rooms of priceless artifacts and drawing a picture of a real person and a real culture of people that affected the course of history. The face of the world.

Create a moment today – there are more opportunities than you may think. And as you begin to seek out the wonder in everything that is around you, that passion will spill over into your child’s life and, into yours. 

Be blessed.






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