day 3 – a place of judgment

Zephaniah 1:7

– Be silent before the Lord your God because the Lord’s day for judging people is coming soon. The Lord has made His sacrifice, and He has told His invited guests to get ready.

– Be silent before the Lord God, for the day [of the vengeance] of the Lord is near; for the Lord has prepared a sacrifice, and He has set apart [for His use] those who have accepted His invitation.

– Hold thy peace at the presence of the Lord Jehovah; for the day of Jehovah is at hand: for Jehovah has prepared a sacrifice, He hath consecrated His guests.

As human beings, we tend to shy away from the word judgement. I think were I to be transparent, I fear that someone might find fault in me; might conclude I am less than worthy of love. To think that the God of all creation, who can see all my nooks and crannies, might look deep enough into the recesses of my heart and mind to determine whether or not I was worthy of His grace, is daunting. Surely, I would never be able to hide or justify the truth that I am completely unworthy in so many ways. And yet, the Word tells us there IS judgment. And it’s His. We are invited to come and be judged.

In the bible, judgment denotes Divine truth.

It can be hard to wrap our brains around a Being who is worthy of making decisions about our value, and at the same time, terrifying when we own that we could never be worthy of a holy, all knowing, God. Often, I believe the very concept is too great for some to comprehend, so they merely dismiss it altogether. And yet, for those of us actively pursuing a life of faith, it is imperative that we face the reality of what He has done on our behalf.

By sending His son, Jesus Christ, to sacrificially become our rightousness, we must look at the truth of judgment square in the face – we will never get what we deserve because He already paid the price. Regardless of what we have done, are doing, or will do; our value rests solely upon the shoulders of the justification that God has already provided. No longer are we required to make amends via sacrifice – God offered up the final sacrifice for us.

Once and for all.

According to the NAS Exhaustive concordance, the definition of the word judgment includes “rightful place, decision, claim, deserving.” By its very meaning, judgment points to the biblical truth that what we now deserve, have claim to, and can sit under, is the freedom of being positioned under Christ. While logical thought negates the possibility of personal holiness, within God’s economy, Divine truth positions us under the love and grace of Jesus.

We don’t have to walk in judgment anymore – not in ourselves, or of others.

According to the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry,

“There is no judgment for the Christian in respect to salvation (Rom. 8:1). We were judged in Christ on the cross 2,000 years ago…”

As we head into the new year, let’s settle one thing first. YOU, are worthy. Not because you are wonderful or blameless or have made all wrongs right, but because of your relationship with Christ. “For there is now therefore NO condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.” We are invited to His table, He has already prepared the sacrifice and we are offered the opportunity to sit under His righteous judgment and be still in His peace.

Let’s clean the slate. For those of you who have not yet received Christ, are curious about it, want to know more or receive Him, call your pastor or local church, or message me! I would love to pray with you. For those of you who believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is the son of God and died for your sins, come. Sit. Be silent. Be in His peace. He has already prepared a space just for you


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