day 8 – expert

Proverbs 27:17 – As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens [and influences] another [through discussion].

I am sitting at my computer, reading a prophetic message, listening to Bethel, and smiling, as my husband plays video after video covering politics and current events. To the degree that such topics often make me uncomfortable; he loves them. And, I’m pretty sure he feels similarly about my passions.

It used to bother me that we weren’t “on the same page.” I longed for a man to worship with, even at home, prayed for a husband who would lead us all in prayer, and leading the charge in all things spiritual when it came to raising our kids. Essentially, I set us both up for failure.

I wasn’t loving him for who God made him to be.

The truth is, we all have ideas in our heads of what our spouses/loved one/kids should and should not do. Or be.  As Christians, we read can tend to read scriptures and hang the checklist over those around us, when really, we need to be reading the scriptures and holding ourselves accountable to loving people just the way they are.

Instead, we become self-appointed Holy Spirits and take our jobs very seriously.

What I have learned over time, is that there is sweet grace that is upon our marriage. God has designed us each so very differently, but together, those differences can compliment and strengthen the other. We are two halves of one team – and together we are who one another needs in order to develop into the humans we are called to, as well as our children. We each bring very different perspectives to matters of life, and our focuses in our unique areas can be a great strength to one another depending on the season or situation.

Together, my husband and I are formidable.

Release those around you from your expectations. Allow God to speak to you about how the issues that challenge you the most, might actually be the tools by which God is molding you. The very thing that you feel is the most wrong right now, could weave its way into becoming that which you are most grateful for…


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