death by tomato

This afternoon I called a friend to pray with her and instead she ended up praying for me. I was about to take a bit of a cracker topped with pesto and a cherry tomato when the tomato rolled into my mouth, straight into my throat, and lodged itself there. I couldn’t breathe, nor could I ask her for help. The only other people in my home are the two littles and I have done a piss-poor job of teaching them what to do in case of an emergency.

Thankfully, after a few minutes of hearing me gurggle, but still having no idea what was going on, she began to pray. Just then the tomato flew back up and into my kitchen sink where I was trying unsuccessfully to use the Heimlich Maneuver. To say I was relieved is an understatement, and our address was immediately posted on the refrigerator.

Here is my thought this afternoon. I called my friend to bless her and cover her in prayer. She ended up praying over me. The bible says when we “water [bless, refresh, fill up] others, we ourselves will be watered.” It’s been my experience that every time I have chosen to bless, pray over, reach out to, or lift up, another human being, the benefit to myself and my own spiritual and mental well being has far surpassed any good thing I thought I was bringing to another.

When we reach out, we are doing God’s will – in return, He will always reward us as well. Even  if it’s saving us from death by tomato.





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