Yesterday, my son’s basketball went out into the street and got a little muddy where the rain water had collected in the gutter. I grabbed a rag to clean it and as I was drying it off, it struck me that at one time, the rag had been one of three beautiful kitchen towels Chris and I had received from Crate and Barrel for our wedding. Now, nearly 11 years later, it has holes and the color is faded. What was once a favorite kitchen accent has been reduced to a resident in our cleaning basket. We can sometimes do that with relationships as well – that person who was once the apple of our eye can be reduced to a housekeeper, or a provider… Disposable. Take a moment to take inventory in your life, and make sure you haven’t discarded or made common, someone who was once invaluable to you. Unlike dishtowels, people become more vital the more life they’ve lived. Don’t miss out on adding color to your life by retiring that relationship too soon!



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