divinely inspired

I love to write. I have loved it as long as I can remember. There is something cathartic about it, and I find it especially helpful with my personality, as I usually have multiple thoughts and scenarios running through my brain at once!

Recently, a friend told me she could tell my writing was different. I found it interesting that she noticed, to be honest. Being in yet another season of change and healing, my flow is not what it’s been. I don’t find that God is speaking through me as freely as He usually does. When my writing comes from divine inspiration, it comes quickly, like a rush of water, and I will always get feedback from a reader letting me know it was exactly what they needed to hear that day. That’s all God.

As much as we think we have a gift that belongs to us; it’s been given to us by God, to glorify Him. While I can certainly write a decent paragraph on my own, it’s only when He is speaking fluidly through me that the words I share are truly anointed to bring blessing and life-change to others.

Remember to use your giftings to bless and edify others. And by all means, don’t neglect the relationship with the One who gave it to you.


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